What's Included in Each Ultrasound Package


*Recommended* 3D/4D Ultrasound + 3D/4D Return Visit $199

This package has the best savings, and you get to come in and see your baby in High Definition 3D/4D imaging TWICE! Please note that we can ALWAYS keep the gender a secret if that's your plan. If not, the first session can be your gender reveal package in 3D! It will be so amazing to see the growth and development of your baby in 3D/4D imaging. The first session is recommended at 16-23 weeks where we can determine gender IF DESIRED! At this point, we can see the baby's entire body. The face pictures will not be clear, but that is what the second session will provide! The second visit will be best at 24-32 weeks of pregnancy. We will get incredible high definition images of your baby's sweet face. Both sessions will be stored to your FREE online BabyFlix account. You will also receive $10 off any Heartbeat Animal of your choice with this package! 

heartbeat animal pregnancy keepsake ultrasound services

3D/4D Premium "Heartbeat Animal Special" $169

This is High Definition 3D and 4D Imaging. This package is best during weeks  26-32 of pregnancy. You will take home many black and white ultrasound images and four colored 3D photo prints of your baby's sweet face. We can confirm the gender, or we can keep it a secret- whatever you need! Included in this package is a stuffed animal with a recording of your baby's heartbeat inside- a $40 value! Truly a wonderful keepsake of your pregnancy. All pictures and videos will be stored onto an online account called BabyFlix. Includes a FREE sample of Similac formula and over $400 of gift cards and coupons! 

2D 3D 4D high definition ultrasound imaging

3D/4D Essential Ultrasound $139

This is also High Definition 3D and 4D Imaging! This package is also best during weeks 24-32 of pregnancy. We can confirm gender (or keep it a secret) with this package, too! You will take home several black and white ultrasound images and two colored 3D photo prints of your baby's sweet face. All pictures and videos will be stored onto an online account called BabyFlix. Includes a FREE sample of Similac formula and over $400 of gift cards and coupons! 

comparison of 3D ultrasound image and new baby picture side by side

3D/4D Bonus "One More Peek" $99

This High Definition 3D/4D imaging package is for RETURNING 3D/4D customers only. This is for when you had too much fun at your last session, and you want just one more sneak peak at your sweet baby. You will take home several black and white ultrasound images and two 3D colored photo prints. The entire session will be stored to your online BabyFlix account.

gender reveal boy or girl gender determination ultrasound services

2D Gender Reveal $89

This is Black & White 2D imaging only... 3D/4D imaging not included! This package is best if you JUST. CAN'T. WAIT. to find out if it's a boy or girl, ***BUT you don't plan to return for a 3D/4D session***. If you want to do a 16 week gender reveal and return later for a 3D/4D session, we recommend the bundled package (see above) to save money! We can determine the gender of your baby at 16 weeks. If you are planning a gender reveal party, we can find gender and put it in an envelope so you won't know until the big reveal! We will also listen to the baby's heartbeat. You will leave with a handful of black and white ultrasound images. All pictures and videos will be stored onto an online account called BabyFlix. 

3D and 4D ultrasound imaging studio keepsake images

Add Ons At Checkout

Heartbeat Animal $39

USB Flash Drive $15

CD/DVD of Session $10

Extra 3D Prints in Color $5/each

Live Broadcast Streaming $10

Read Before Booking

If you do not see an available day or time that works for you, please email tasha@peekababyboutique.com so we can accommodate your needs. We aim to be as flexible as possible! 

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Why Choose us

No Doctors Orders Required

no doctors orders needed for this 3D ultrasound service

We offer ultrasound imaging outside of the medical need by a registered sonographer. This does NOT take the place of your medical ultrasound. This is just for keepsake images, and a great opportunity to get more pictures of your baby!

Registered Sonographer with Experience


Our Sonographer has almost 5 years of experience, including working in a high risk Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic with some of the best OB/GYN doctors out there. OB imaging is her passion. 

State Of The Art Technology

high definition ultrasound imaging 3D 4D

Our GE Voluson e8 ultrasound machine has some of the best technology on the market for the most incredible 3D and 4D imaging available. The "HD Live" function on this machine allows us to see baby in amazing high definition! 

Baby Flix

babyflix captures and stores all ultrasound images and videos online forever

This program records the ENTIRE ultrasound session from start to finish and is uploaded to your own online account. You can share online instantly and relive these magic moments forever. Babyflix is included with every session for your added convenience! 

Live Streaming & Music Video

we off live streaming of 3d ultrasound sessions for people who can't be present during scan

This is an amazing opportunity for other loved ones to be "present" during your ultrasound from anywhere in the world! Great for anyone who wishes to be with you during the ultrasound that can't make it. This service also includes a personalized music video with your ultrasound images. For just $10, upgrade when scheduling your appointment! 

My Baby's Heartbeat Bear

my baby's heartbeat animals pregnancy keepsake stuffed animal with baby's heartbeat inside

At our studio, you have the option to have your baby's heartbeat recorded and placed inside your choice of one of the softest stuffed animals you can imagine to cherish those sweet beats for a lifetime!

Early Gender Determination

gender reveal 3d Ultrasound gender determination boy or girl

If you just can't wait to find out what you're having, not a problem! Come in as soon as 16 weeks so you can finally get to planning and shopping! Bring in your family and friends for an intimate gender reveal session! 

Intimate Studio

lovely studio without doctor or clinic feel

Our lovely studio is decorated with soft lighting, fairy lights, and candles for a more magical experience. Leave the stressful hospital setting behind and relax while you're here with your loved ones. 

Baby Boutique

bailey's blossoms piper finn gigi and max boba carriers cash and co adorable baby clothing stylish baby clothes baby shower gift

We carry some of the cutest baby clothes and accessories you ever did see. Brands like Bailey's Blossoms, Gigi & Max, Piper Finn, and more live here for your shopping convenience. More maternity clothing coming soon!

Gift Shop

personalized ultrasound frames 3d Ultrasound keepsake gift shop for pregnancy

Currently, we have personalized picture frames and cards for Grandparents, or for your spouse to frame your ultrasound images. In time, we will also have personalized jewelry and more using your ultrasound images!

Convenient Location


Located in beautiful downtown Stillwater right on Main Street and inside the historic Grand Garage. Our location is convenient for the Twin Cities area and the lovely Wisconsin residents, though we provide for ALL people! The Grand Garage also hosts Sawdust Savvy for the crafty ones, Kenzington Boutique for the stylish, and two amazing salons for the beauties. Top your time off here with a tropical getaway at the Tilted Tiki.

Partnered with Similac


When you purchase a 3D/4D or Heartbeat Animal Special, you will receive a FREE 8oz sample of Similac formula, TWO 4oz bottles, and coupons and gift cards GALORE! Over $400 of FREE MONEY!