Read Before Your Appointment

Important Information

First and foremost: it is very important that you understand that this ultrasound service DOES NOT take the place of your very important medical ultrasounds that are ordered by your provider. You MUST be under the care of a provider and at least 16 weeks gestation, or you will not be eligible for an elective ultrasound. This service is for keepsake ultrasound images ONLY. Insurance will NOT cover this ultrasound. 

High Definition 3D & 4D ultrasound uses the exact same technology as a regular medical ultrasound. All pictures taken are created using only sound waves. There is absolutely no radiation to you or your baby.  Extensive studies over 35 years have found that ultrasound has not been shown to be harmful to a mother or her baby.  With that being said, the FDA has  determined “the use of medical ultrasound equipment for other than medical purposes, without a physician’s prescription, is an unapproved use”.

Before booking your appointment, you will be required to provide some additional information. Your due date that has been established by your provider is important in knowing exactly how far along your baby is.  Knowing this date will also help us get you the best images possible. We also require the name, establishment, and contact information of your provider. This is also very important! If we were to see something on the ultrasound that we may find concerning, our first step will be to contact your provider with such concerns. It will then be up to them to contact you to set up a diagnostic medical ultrasound. It is unlawful for us to reveal any medical information of your baby to you. We will need to have your consent to contact your provider. 

The images and videos captured during your session will be stored to an online account called Babyflix that will be available for instant sharing and safe keeping forever! This program records the entire session from start to finish and is stored online for your viewing pleasure any time! A perfect video to play during a baby shower or even down the road at graduation! You will also receive several prints of your images. 

Before booking your appointment, please review our Guidelines & Policies. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to read and sign our Elective Ultrasound Service Agreement. A link to this document is attached below. Thank you! 

3D Ultrasound Services are for Keepsake Purposes Only.


You can print and sign this document to bring to your appointment, or we will have a copy for you to sign at the time of service.