Optimal Viewing Gestational Ages

Less than 16 Weeks

pregnancy 3d ultrasound services 10 weeks pregnant

Ultrasound is most accurate for determining gender at 16 weeks and beyond. Because of this, gender determination will not be available before 16 weeks. 

16-20 Weeks "Gender"

3d ultrasound services keepsake imaging 16 weeks pregnant

Perfect for when you just can't wait to find out the gender of your child!  Baby is still quite small at this age, so face pictures are not yet clear.

20-26 Weeks "Early Viewing"


Baby is at the half way mark at 20 weeks. Facial features are forming, but baby is still working on putting on some weight to get those chubby cheeks. We can still see full body shots at this stage. 

26-32 Weeks "Best Viewing"

3d ultrasound imaging high definition 24 weeks pregnant

The most ideal weeks to get an elective ultrasound. Those chubby cheeks are filling out and baby begins to get curious about what its fingers and toes are! 28 weeks is our favorite time to scan.

32-38 Weeks "Unpredictable"

36 weeks pregnant 3d ultrasound services keepsake imaging

This is a tricky time! It is more difficult to get good face images after 36 weeks due to the lack of space. However, it IS very possible to get excellent images depending on several factors.  It is just very unpredictable at this stage.

38 Weeks & Beyond

baby feet 3d ultrasound services high definition elective keepsake imaging for pregnancy

Baby is getting a little crowded while waiting for its birthday! We may be able to get some hands or feet pictures, but good face shots are very difficult to capture. We hope to see you before this late in your pregnancy.

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