Guidelines & Policies



Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. There is one document you will need to read and sign before your ultrasound can begin. Please call if you are running late. All appointments will run UP TO 30 minutes. Each minute you are late will only cut into the bonding time you will have with your baby.  

Phones & Cameras


Cameras and cell phone use is prohibited during your ultrasound session. The technology can interfere with our machine. Don't worry! All pictures and videos will be stored to your online BabyFlix account for instant sharing and safe keeping forever! You will also receive several printed copies of your ultrasound images. 

Cancellations & No Shows


A $35 charge will be required to book your appointment online. This fee will reserve your time and go towards the total cost of your package that you choose. This will be refunded if you cancel 24 hours or more ahead of time. This will NOT be refunded if you don't show up for your appointment or cancel less than 24 hours ahead of time. 

***You must CALL/EMAIL to cancel or reschedule. 



Babies are not always cooperative for good pictures. If we spend an entire session without getting a great picture, we will reschedule you for a free return visit to try again. We will always do our best to get great images, but they are not always gauranteed. We do not offer refunds. 



Unlike your medical ultrasounds, it is not required to arrive with a full bladder for this one. Whew! However, please drink at least 64 oz of water daily for a week leading up to your appointment. Hydrated mamas have a higher chance of getting better images. 



This ELECTIVE ultrasound service ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR MEDICAL ULTRASOUND. This is a keepsake ultrasound ONLY. This means that insurance will not cover this session. Please see our recommended gestational age calendar BEFORE booking your appointment for best imaging results. Please email with scheduling questions or concerns.